Saturday, July 23, 2011

Remembering Rubee - Photographs from Film

I was sieving through the albums of film photographs for a baby picture of my sister when i chanced upon a few pictures on Rubee. They were taken over the years before digital photography rapidly gained popularity.

This was him at around 4-5 years old - plump with a toothy grin and huge black eyes that sparkled of life that apparently seemed to last forever. A look that appeared after he bounced up to me whenever i reached home from school and subsequently, from work.

Have i mentioned how much Rubee hated bathing? Drying him was a chore and i had to resort to placing him on top of the washing machine! Like his owner, he was damn afraid of heights and would not attempt to jump off.

His coat was actually tri-colour but Rubee slowly turned white as he aged painfully. He had a long body, short legs and had been often been mistaken as a dachshund mix! Haha.

Looking at these old pictures, i could not help but miss his presence. For one, there's neither the irritating bark nor violent hug to greet me when i open the door to my house...


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Thank you for sharing Rubee's life :) - a #doglover

    1. Thank you for reading! :)


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