Thursday, July 14, 2011

Misty Forest - Where Was I?

Guess where i was when i took the following few pictures.

Rainforest covered with a mysteriously light mist that foretold the legend of monsters dating from the ancient Jurassic period. *nostalgic memory obviously taken from the thriller - Jurassic Park*

Fronting the forest was a lake dotted with uninhabitable islands where creatures lurk underneath the thick green foliage.

Sightings of the paranormal were reported occasionally with affected visitors saying that there were 'people' in those inaccessible islands waving for help....

Is this area the great Amazon rainforest in South America? Or is it the neighbouring Taman Negara national forest of Malaysia? Maybe it's one of the many rainforests in the Indonesian Archipelago?

Wrong wrong wrong!

They were, in fact, photographs taken from the top of the iconic rocket tower at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park!

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