Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fishballs Noodles (鱼圆面) @ Bedok South Hawker Centre (Hock Seng Choon Fish Ball Kway Teow Mee - 福成春鱼圆粿条面)

One of the four main hawker centres in Bedok, Bedok South Road Block 16 Market & Food Centre should be considered as the one that is the least famous.

Having said that, a few stalls do attract long queues when dinnertime comes. And apparently, the most popular has to be this stall that sells fishball noodles.

I was lucky, in a way (was supposed to have ramen with my mom at Big Splash but it has closed for good and i could not find a parking lot for the next destination in mind; Megumi) as the queue started building right after i tucked into my bowl of noodles!

My favourite fishball noodle came from Xiang Xiang at Chong Pang Hawker Centre and in my opinion; it has always been the best.

Hock Seng Choon's irregularly-shaped fishballs, however, are a notch higher with a bouncy tenderness like a solid 100% cotton-filled pillow.

Chilli was ordered (instead of my usual tomato-sauce) as mom prefers her noodles hot and spicy! It was pre-mixed by the cook upon serving and tasted really fantastic with each strand carefully coated with a delicious chilli-tomato-sauce concoction.

At S$2.50, the amount of noodles given was pathetic and definitely insufficient for my dinner. The meal would be more satisfying with a S$3 order.


16 Bedok South Road,
#01-211, Bedok South Road Block 16 Market & Food Centre

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