Saturday, July 30, 2011

Durians Feast @ Block 83, Marine Parade Central

It's once again the durians season and according to the papers, we are facing a bumper harvest this year! As any economist will tell you; a higher supply means a lower price for perishable products!


Joyce, who was under tight surveillance to control her diet during the confinement period, was craving for the king of fruits recently. Since her hubby has a high aversion to this smelly fruit, i volunteered to bring her, so long i can have my fix too, for free.

Having heard from her colleague on a particular durian stall at marine parade that sells good quality durians at reasonable price, we made our way down today.

Many of them were bundled at 3 for S$10 or 4 for S$10 and some really tiny ones were sold at S$1 each!

This temporary stall must be really popular with the masses! People were queuing up to pay for crates of durians! For the benefit of my brother in law, we decided to have the durians at one of the two makeshift tables there.

Since price usually correlates with quality, mom decided on a S$5 durian and a bundled 3 for S$10. The Cat Mountain King durian was sold at S$10 per kilogram and our plan was to slowly work up the appetite for the best of the best.

The quality was really not bad for the price; each seed was fully covered with a thick layer of firm, yellowish pulp. I am not too bothered with the outlook though.

Eventually, it is still the taste that matters.

Some people like it sweet whereas some, like my mom and sis, prefer it to be bitter. I can satisfy my craving with either one but the best has to be the one with a right balance of sweetness and bitterness! The flesh of these was in general of a sweeter nature.

We were so bloody full after these four durians that we have to scrap our initial plan to have Mao Shan Wang! It was damn satisfying and this could only be displayed by the unstoppable burps on our journey home.

Durian breath can be so potent.
For those around you.


Corner of OCBC Bank or corner of KOI Cafe at Block 83, Marine Parade Central.

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