Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yoshino Okonomiyaki @ CentralWorld, Bangkok

Yoshino Okonomiyaki
@ CentralWorld, Bangkok

Mum and I were still hungry after sharing the pork burger from Macdonald's!

Although our original intention was to try the pork cutlets in the most popular Japanese restaurant on the 6th floor of Centralworld, the queue turned us off and we decided to have a 'small' meal instead at Yoshino.

With an iron griddle on each table, i can imagine myself whipping up yummy okonomiyaki the way teppanyaki chefs skillfully prepare the usually delicious meals!

Alas, the pancake was prepared in another area (there goes my performance) and what appeared in front of me was a plain and uncut Japanese pancake.

Anyway, there's an almost guarantee screw up if indeed they give me a free hand in cooking the pancake from scratch!

The purpose of having that long strip of iron plate is purely to prevent the okonomiyaki from getting cold..... if you want, you can play masak masak with the metal spatula.

It does provide some hands-on cooking with the numerous condiments you can pile on top of the okonomiyaki; otafuku sauce, aonori (seaweed flakes), mayonnaise, katsuobushi (bonito flakes) etc.

Yes, you can pile as much as you want for that personal best okonomiyaki (like mine with loads of seaweek flakes and savoury otafuku sauce)!!

A large strip of sinful pork bacon filled up the middle of the Osaka okonomiyaki we ordered and it was no doubt delicious and i just loved it when the insides were creamy and gooey!


6th Floor, Isetan Department Store,
4/1-4/2, Central World, Rajdamri Road,
Pathumwan, Bangkok

Osaka Okonomiyaki - 200 Thai Baht

Just like Singapore, the prices are subject to Service Charge and GST (total 17%)

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