Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The title is as succinct as it should be.

It all started in the morning with insufficient sleep, resulting in a grumbly personality, followed by multiple screw-ups at work that really put a dent on my professionalism!

You thought that will be all?

C'mon, that's a normal and common situation for some people!

The bad day continued when i found out that the family's most senior resident (in terms of relative age) was practically immobile (reasons unknown)!

Xiaolun, our home-bred chinchilla of over 13 years old (average age in Singapore was supposedly 8 years), was found lying on the hard bedding and though alive, was trying desperately to get on her feet!

Xiaolun in her youth!
Thankfully, my sister brought her to see a vet and Xiaolun is currently recovering! It's a long story for her long suffering predicament and i shan't destroy my mood trying to explain in detail.

As the saying goes, the day can only get worse!

I received a phone call informing me that a friend whom i have not contacted for the past three years has died from an acute asthma attack....

Thinking about him before i attended the wake, i realised how much i learned and how much i enjoyed his companion when he was a caring groomer to my rubee and later, a truthful customer when i was working in sales for pet food and accessories, and lastly, as a friend...

  His quirky laughter, his unexpected jokes, his informal heck-care persona were all deeply etched in my memory.. 

Forever missing you, Wen Jun....
And i am sorry....


  1. 15th Oct 2010 I was so upset when I learned about the death of my pet groomer, Wenjun... He was such a loving and caring groomer to my pets (dogs) Shadow, Shady and Toby.

    My pets and I will missed your laughter and love....

  2. Amanda12:53 PM

    Hi, I only knew abt this today when I'm trying to contact Wenjun or the couple of days...

    I'm utterly shocked and sadden by the news. I've only seen him abt 6 months ago.. Nobody contact me abt his death even I'm one of his regular... *sad*... I've missed his wake, missed the chance to say good-bye!

    Good bye my dear Wenjun! Me & maymay will missed you so much!

  3. Veronica: i guess we all miss him. bless wenjun in heaven.

    Amanda: i believe wenjun will be happy so long he remains in our heart. :)


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