Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tze-Char (煮炒) @ Hillman Restaurant (喜临门大饭店)

We were slowly walking from City Square mall to a coffeeshop that sells curry rice when we chanced upon this restaurant.

It was this big "Lost and Found" poster pasted on the glass that caught our attention!

The gang of four was forever spontaneous in their search for supposedly good food and it's less than a minute that we walked in, sat down and started looking through the menu.

Pot Beef
Basically beef cooked in claypot style!

No grudge for this dish which was good but not fascinating!

Paper Chicken
Essentially chicken meat wrapped with paper and then deep fried!

I have tried the damn famous paper chicken from Clementi (outside Maju Camp) and was so impressed with it; this was just not delicious enough!

Hong Kong Mee
This was my favourite!

The noodles were stir fried until each strand of noodles was perfectly coated with the yummy stock and the fragrance of the "wok" essence made me crave for more!!!

Happy Beancurd
Deep fried tofu drenched in a minced pork mix which was nice and would taste even better with plain white rice!


For tze-char offering, the prices were steep! But i still could not forget the plate of hong kong mee... Salivating......

135 Kitchener Road
(Near to City Square Mall)

Pot Beef - S$12
Hong Kong Mee - S$8
Happy Beancurd - S$12
Paper Chicken - S$9

Subject to GST.

Additional Information
It wasn't crowded but we realised after our meal that beside the gang of four, ALL the other diners were Japanese!

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