Monday, September 27, 2010

Texas Chicken @ Singapore

It wasn't too long ago when Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was THE place to go when the word "fried chicken" is mentioned.

Now, Singapore citizens are spoiled with choices like Arnolds Chicken, Popeye Chicken and the most recent, Texas Chicken.

Frankly, i did not hear nor read much reviews on Texas Chicken and when Ms Jenny Tan suggested this place for our dinner, i was all for it.

Never try, never know.

Not knowing what we should order, the Texas Sampler was a godsend with a portion of chicken, wing, tender, biscuit, side and drink!

Similar to Popeye Chicken, the disgust level of the biscuit is still as comparable and if you ask me, i don't understand why these two chicken chains could not use soft buns instead of this hard-soft thing!

With a pale, sickly outlook, the three different versions of fried chicken looked really pathetic! Ms Jenny and Hannah thought some parts could pass as banana fritters! Hahaha.

Well, looks can be deceiving!

The batter remained surprisingly crispy (for the hot and spicy) and the meat was in fact, really juicy! However, patrons accustomed to KFC may find these relatively tasteless.


Would i be back? Let's put it this way, for Original Chicken, my choice is definitely Arnolds Chicken; for Hot and Crispy Chicken, i am undecided between Popeye Chicken or Texas Chicken.

KFC is no longer in my chicken list!!! Unless it's for their sinful Cheese Fries! Or when i am too lazy to travel (KFC has a branch in Northpoint)!

For promotions and location of outlets, please click HERE.

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