Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mooncake Overdose @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

It's the mid autumn festival tomorrow and as is the custom every year for Takashimaya, famous bakeries renowned for their mooncakes will set up stall temporarily for roughly a month!

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

The crowd was manageable for a Monday evening and it was definitely not difficult to maneuver my way from one stall to the other!

Snow skin mooncakes! I used to love this type of cold mooncake when i was young.

My preferred mooncake is now the traditional baked type with traditional fillings like lotus paste! Age related!!!!!! I am turning to be like my parents!

Packaging is something that becomes better and better every year!

Here's another bakery with the best packaging design! No one will suspect from afar that these are mooncake boxes!!!!

Sampling is a must and you might even be shoved to have a bite! How to know if it's good if we never try? Go with an empty stomach and return with a full one! *disclaimer: i did not take a single bite when i was there*

Singapore is a FINE city but please be considerate too by fully utilising the drop off points for the toothpicks you use to have that puny bit of mooncake.

The mid autumn festival is also known as the lantern festival. This is in additional to the mooncake festival. Gosh, one festival split into three!

Love the old type of lanterns that can only be "powered" by candles! It's thrilling to see them burning! Hahahaha.

I don't understand why mooncakes with new flavours are gaining so much ground. In fact, a lot of the bakeries are introducing new fillings like tiramisu, champagne and even bak kwa!!

Here's another contemporary filling; ice cream mooncake. Sighz....... If i want to have ice cream cake, i need not have it in a moon cake shape!

Another beautiful mooncake box! Chinese women centuries ago will (confirm) put their bling bling into these boxes!

大中国月饼 (Big China) is one of the brand names for old school mooncakes. I have not bought it yet but i guess i will do it soon! Provided there is still stock tomorrow!!

My dream mooncake set. The huge one in the middle looked so... enticing!
It's screaming "EAT ME"!

This mooncake fair will end tomorrow (22 Sep 2010) so for those who would like to try a wide variety of mooncakes from established bakeries at one BIG venue, do not hesitate any longer! 

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City,
Takashimaya Shopping Centre

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