Monday, September 06, 2010

Grocery Shopping @ Giant Hypermart

For those who don't know me very well, i love to shop for groceries in big big supermarkets!! 

The thrill of going through each department; finding information you never know of, knowing new uses for products you have been using for ages, getting associated with new products in the market etc etc!

Personally, i find that very fun and a great way to de-stress! 

That said, with hypermarkets being the more popular choice nowadays, i can spend hours groping looking at the huge variety of products! 

Problem is, i tend to buy loads of stuff in that few hours and car park charges are usually not cheap (depending on where you are), especially so if the hypermarket is situated in a shopping mall with a lot more shops for me to contribute to Singapore's already-booming economy!

To counter the above, there's one particular hypermarket i love to go, despite the inaccessibility!!

This hypermarket is huge, with many aisles. 

It has very limited shopping choices outside the hyper-mart; loads of eateries though. To think about it; not very helpful either.  

Most importantly, it has free parking with a nice view!!!!
That place is
@Turf City!!

Total Damage on Sunday: S$150.00

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