Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fish Spa @ Qian Hu (千湖)

One comment i received in response to my post for the fish spa at Kenko was to try the one in Qian Hu, which offers an economical alternative. 

Back in Year 2008! Pictures were taken!
My first ever fish spa was actually from Qian Hu, back in year 2008. Qian Hu was then, one of the first few companies that brought in doctor fishes to de-stress the urbanised (aka smelly) feet.

In Kenko at Marina Square
To say the truth, i was not keen to try Qian Hu again as Kenko offers a lot more fishes in their tanks, a more relaxed, classier environment and a centralised location, despite charging three times more than Qian Hu.

That said, i chanced upon a blog (cannot remember exactly which one) that showed much, much bigger doctor fishes in Qian Hu!

My feet tingled with excitement as i can imagine how shiok the feeling will be; with mouths that can practically cover my big toe!!

Interest was piqued and soon, i made my way down to the tombstones-filled Tengah area.

With three areas segregated by the sizes of the fish, my main aim was definitely to try the biggest of them all, for that ultimate sensation!

Maybe it's the pool structure or maybe the fishes were just too full or.....

MAYBE it's my healthy feet; the aqua creatures congregated in the middle of the pool with few venturing out for pieces of delicious human dead skin!

Yes, they were indeed huge; the biggest was bigger than my foot!

However, an apt metaphor would be having a plate of my favourite char kway teow right in front of me without being able to eat all of it!!

The pig sister was much luckier!!!

With so many fishes scrambling to have a bite, it's not difficult to ascertain her feet condition.


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