Monday, August 09, 2010

Satay @ Satay Solo

Mutton and Satay Lovers Beware!
After living for more than 30 years in Singapore, the best mutton satay has finally been found!!!! 

A strong believer of fate, finding this stall was indeed a fateful occurrence since my original intention was to try the stall next door! That service was too slow and my limited patience forced me to try Satay Solo!

The sticks of sweet reddish meat were barbequed at just the right duration resulting in the meat being tender, full of juice and, charred bits only constituted a small proportion externally!  

My craving is so intense now that i am willing to travel from Yishun to Bedok just to have a stick ten sticks twenty sticks of mutton satay!!!!

Argh!!! Nevermind, it's a public holiday tomorrow!! Singapore's National Day!!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!


Bedok Corner Food Centre
Stall No 9!

50 cents per stick!!! Expensive in my opinion but totally worth it!


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I think the shop that you had the mutton stay is no.9 not 7.

  2. you are so so right! Thanks for the thuumbs-up; updating this post soon! :P


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