Monday, August 16, 2010

Coin Dozer Again!!

I must be CRAZY!!!!

Long suspecting that crazy is my middle name, i never know i can be so persistent to continue playing this iPhone application (that i blogged just a few weeks ago HERE) till i hit a stash of 10,000 coins!!

It's not as if i have nothing better to do! However, Cavin does love challenges and after hitting the one k mark, i know i have to strive further to test if i can hit the 10k!!

To tell you the truth, the strategy i adopted as mentioned HERE turns out to be pretty helpful and i managed to gain so many prizes, i maxed out the collection bonuses!

Upon reaching the 10,000 jackpot, I thought my addiction is finally over..........

Until this bloody developer (Game Circus) came out with another dozer-like application called, of all things, Cookie Dozer!

Thankfully, it's my gluttonous belief that food should be eaten and not treated as playthings! *slap the fingers*

For the skeptics who thought i have 0000 coins, please find above the picture with 9999 coins!!! Now try to beat that!!!!! Wahahahaha


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