Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Bakery @ Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Ever found yourself in Genting Highlands on a chilly, misty morning at around 7am where the only food outlets in operation were the fast food restuarants and some premium coffee shops that charged you similar, if not higher prices than those back in Singapore?

Heck, they even charged RM1 (S$0.43) for one piece of butter in Macdonalds! Maybe I should even be grateful to them for barring me the extra pieces of unhealthy butter on my hotcakes?!?!? 


Here comes the hero to rescue us!

The Bakery at Genting Hotel!

Just look at the following few (non-drink) items at only RM4.80 (roughly S$2) each!! 

Chicken Pie
The signature dish for The Bakery, this chicken pie had very common ingredients like chicken meat, carrots and green peas. 

It was tasty but could be better if it's served piping hot! Hot pastries can be especially welcoming in the colder mornings for the highlands.

Wild Mushroom Quiche
My first quiche (pronounced as Keesh), i found this to be rather refreshing from the normal cake (i know it's not a cake!).

Beancurdy with just the slightest eggy, cheesy taste (not exactly palatable for many people), i especially loved the lightness of this dish and the inclusion of two best-loved ingredients; onions and mushrooms.

Almond Croissant
Flaky on the outside, soft on the inside......
What more to expect?

More almonds!
My favourite still stands with the almond croissants from Toa Payoh Central!!!

Hot Chocolate 
Unlike the NORMAL hot chocolate, you have to do some work here!!

Two sticks of chocolate, one lump of chocolate and one glass of hot milk! Stir and you will get your hot chocolate!

At RM8.70 for a regular, i cannot decide if it's expensive or not.

On one hand, this was an uncommon way of serving.  On the other hand, the drink was not that tasty and i, as the patron, had to do some bloody work!

I prefer the hot chocolate from Krispy Kreme.


Though my comments may seem pretty negative, i was in fact very satisfied for its quality offerings at a comparatively cheaper pricing.

With an alfresco area that is the perfect place to enjoy your warm pastries and hot chocolate tea, this bakery is going to be THE chill-out place whenever i am in Genting Highlands!

The view from the outdoor seating

My only regret?
Not having enough stomach space to try the wide range of delicious looking desserts!!

Ground Level of Genting Hotel

Additional Information
There's a 10% service charge and 5% government tax!!

There's no wifi!!!
A decent cafe must have WIFI!!!

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