Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tofu from Another Dimension

Its been almost a month since my last update!! Im so freaking tired after starting work in a pet distributor company!! No need to ask me for discounts, not allowed. Lol.

Sighz....... But so freaking sianz..... Cannot play mahjong on weekdays, Mind's Cafe on weekdays, go blading on weekdays..... Sighz sighz sighz....... Luckily its something i enjoy~

Anyway, i have always wanted to blog this infamous food i always like!! I know its always food for me but hey, there are substantial reasons for my interests in them!
  1. I live to eat!
  2. Food is a universal subject that everyone and anyone needs!!
  3. It involves most of your senses!!!
  4. Singapore is a food paradise!!!!
For today, i shall recommend to some of you (guess you will know), the Smelly Fermented Tofu!!! To many, it has an acquired taste like durians. Till now, my mum and my sister practically hate it but my friends like Weeyuan, Kaijing and I love them!! Lol.

The Menu of Mini Star

Located at the end of the sleazy red light Geylang area, it used to be in Chinatown but was forced to move after many people, fellow stall owners included, complained. They actually have alot more items but i only tried a few!!

1. The Main Cast - Smelly Tofu
Cost S$2 a piece, it was better than the one i ever had at a street hawker in HongKong. Deep fried with a certain crispiness outside and the inside soft and tender, the smell is heavenly to me; just like durians but the burp that came with it is even worse than durian, smelly and obnoxious!! My family commented it smelt like the drain sewage but to me, it does not smelt tat bad. Coupled with a mixture of sweet and chilli sauce plus pickles, it brings out the absolute and complicated flavour of the tofu.

A word of advise, never packed it home in an aircon car!!!
It stinks the whole car!!!

2. Soft Shell Crab Bun
I first ate Soft Shell crab in Sakae Sushi. Though i dun detest it, i dun reli fancy it because it did not have much meat, only those crunchy legs, soft innards, sore throat inducing bite and taste. But this one here, was clapped in between a crispy bun that was loaded with sweet, sour mayonnaise. Though it still induces sore throat, the taste is just too good to ignore! Cost S$3.50 for two buns!!

Half of It has been Savoured by US!! Yumyum!!

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  1. Hey bro, finally your new blog was out! I miss my soft shell crab... YumYum!We shall go there again one day.. haha... And one more thing, You are not the only one who miss all the activities like mahjong and food outing.. All your buddies miss too.. haha...Anyway, not to worry bro..cos I believe that there will be always a day to come.. YEAH!


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