Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wife's Biscuit (老婆饼)

After a bowl of home-cooked yong tau foo that did not do much to satisfy my hunger, i was rummaging the kitchen for surprise snacks (these frequently happen in my house) when i saw the box shown above. 

The words "Season's Greetings" with a picture of Santa Claus and his abused hardworking reindeers caught my attention. The next thing my eyes saw was the  Chinese characters "老婆饼" (wife's biscuit).... 

Disappointment was my initial reaction since i am very particular of this Chinese snack. Till the smaller Chinese characters "榮華" (Wing Wah) FINALLY came to vision. 

I love the wife's biscuits from Wing Wah! 

To put it with even more determination, it is the ONLY brand i take for wife's biscuits.  I still remember the soft, flaky exterior pastry and the internal winter melon filling with just the right amount of sweetness. The taste didn't get overbearing even after i had taken two or three!

Thanks to Jean Tan, who came back from Hong Kong with this box, i should be able to relive those nice memories stated above.

First bite: The pastry was soft and it brought a bitter sensation.

Second bite: The winter melon filling was not as savoury as i thought it to be.
Thinking i may need a new prescription for my short sightedness, i look at the box again. It's Wing Wah what!! 

But why was it so different??????????????????

Maybe it's memory related. 


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