Sunday, November 15, 2009

Economical Italian Fare @ Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe, Liang Court

Visited twice within 3 months, this Italian family-style eatery from Japan serves delicious (at least to me, Hannah finds it okay) food at very economical prices for its prime location at Liang Court.

Strongly recommended by our circle's food connoisseur, Mr Kon, for its food and price, i would like to add that the customer service was also commendable; prompt, cheerful, friendly and willing to accept feedback.

The food:

Shrimp Cocktail Salad

Salad has always been a no-no when i dine. Because it filled up my stomach pretty fast and I can bloody hell have a tasty, fresh salad with the type of dressing i like at a FRACTION of the cost at home!!

The one here was not bad though since there were a lot of prawns shrimps for only $5.90! And since i am sharing it with friends, the amount was just right.

Oven-Baked Escargot

Before year 2008, you will never see me eating this. NEVER! I am never adventurous with meat that is not a common feature on the dining table.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are), eating escargot is an acquired taste. And i find myself loving the lands snails when they are immersed in rich butter!

In the case of Saiseriya, rich GARLIC butter! 


Price: S$5.58 for 6 snails

Pineapple and Bacon Pizza

As the description in the menu suggests, it is the PERFECT combination of pineapple and bacon!!! And the cheese was well.... so so cheesy!!!

The pork bacon in the pizza was really a rarity in Singapore's pizza industry since most pizza parlours in Singapore are Halal certified.

Price: S$6.98

Seafood Risotto

Like mui fan (a Chinese rice dish covered with thick sauce), this Italian version was soaked in a sauce made from tomatoes. It had a strong seafood taste that bordered on fishiness and the sauce had a rather "thin" feel.

It was just not palatable enough.

Price: S$???? (i could not remember)
Squid Ink Spaghetti

I have had better ones (for example, Ma Maison).

A beautiful jet-black color, this dish from Saizeriya was just too dry, including the squid and the strands of black pasta were too hard.

Note that for this dish, what goes in, comes out the same color. Go figure what i mean. Wahahahaha.

Price: S$5.98
Pork and Hamburger Steak

A word of caution, don't expect to find a piece of pork cutlet! The pork refers to strips of bacon!!

Both the pork and hamburger must be marinated really well in order to make them so tasty! Served in a sizzling plate with a sunny side up, another ingredient worth noting was the kernels of creamy corn!!!

Price: S$7.98

I like it when restaurants have free flow of soft drinks for a comfortable fee and LOVE it when they have free flow of drinks (besides soft drinks, espresso, latte, teh tarik, satchets of tea, lime juice) for only $2.58 (in the case of Saiseriya)!! 

The conditions:
You must order any food item to enjoy the a/m price.
Or pay $3.88 if you prefer to drink ONLY.
Kids enjoy the free flow at only $1.38!


Remember, the above review is based on my personal experience(s) and you might agree/disagree with what i wrote. The only way to prove it? Get your butt down to Saizeriya and try it!!!

Location: 177, River Valley Road, #02-22, Liang Court Shopping Centre. Please visit the super fabulous and search for Liang Court for its precise location.

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm.

Usually crowded with queues forming outside the restaurant during the lunching and dining hours, it is strongly recommended to go during the off peak hours.

Oh, almost forgot; hot/cold plain water is available for free!

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