Thursday, November 05, 2009

Love Affair

I admit having a love affair.

Remember the first time we met in year 2001? In Hougang Plaza, at a dowdy stall that looked suspiciously illegal? When I first looked at you, I cannot help but commented how beautiful you were.

The moment my mouth touched you, I blamed myself. Why I didn’t meet up with you sooner?!

Was God playing a love game with us?

Yes, I do love you very much, Ayam Penyet!!
Munch Munch Munch!!

What were all of you thinking of? Hahahaha.

Ayam Penyet is an Indonesian dish directly translated to “Chicken Smashed”. Despite the cruel word used for the name, it is a dish that’s better than the famous Hainanese chicken rice we have in Singapore! Except for the rice that is.

First, I would like to thank Ms Hannah Lim, who was so so kind to pack a box of Ayam Penyet from the Science canteen in NUS (University). And that indirectly, gave me a chance to blog about this dish. Now, look at the picture. 

A healthy, vibrant dish with meat (chicken), vegetables (tofu, lettuce, baby tomatoes) and rice. The visual should be sufficient to elevate your appetite. Too bad smell cannot be recorded or else you might have attempted to eat the picture straight from your monitor screen.

Now my internal review:

For me, the skin for Ayam Penyet is a big determiner of whether it is good. In this case, the skin was still crispy despite a one hour wait in the sealed box (my lunch hour was 1pm and I got it around 11.45am) and the strong turmeric flavour was felt in every single bite!

The meat was a bit dry (due to the wait) but still succulent enough to feel the smoothness! The baby tomatoes were so cute I had to eat them. They were sweet and of course, very healthy!

The typical chilli for ayam penyet must have “chilli power” and it usually elicits two kinds of statement: “So nice, I wana more more more more!!” or “CCB, why so bloody hot?!?!?! WATER!!”

Unfortunately, I belong to the latter. Hence, I will always request for nasi lemak chilli, which is sweeter and not as hot! 


A fabulous meal that will no doubt be even better if you eat it fresh and hot from the frying pot! At $4 a portion, it will be well worth your money.

Location Map:
Please click HERE, select Faculty of Science which will bring you to an information page, click Faculty of Science under “Location”, click the “+” on the map for zooming!

A gentle reminder that canteens are sometimes closed during the holidays.

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