Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Food @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

When my initial request to check in at 8am was rejected by the hotel receptionist, we went to our next priority and asked if there's any good food around the hotel.

The young lady informed us with a straight face:"There's no good food around here."

She was serious.

*thunder clouds congregated with numerous lightning strikes*

I blinked and to the extent of almost stuttering, said :"No good food at all???"

She gave a smile but remained affirmative of her reply. 

Having a skeptical attitude was essential in this situation and i told Alex that either her taste buds were not working or she did not explore the town enough.

Okay, there's a third reason.

She must be a super duper foodie and only the best can meet her terminology of "GOOD FOOD".

In the next few postings, i am going to prove that there was good food around that area!

At least to me!

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