Thursday, July 28, 2005

Old Car Finally Cannot Tahan Me!!

It should have been a really nice day today; I managed to sneak into Ngee Ann Library even though 'security' was pretty high and i had a really fun time playing badminton wif my colleagues.

But after that, the whole day went haywire!! Read patiently for my disappointing, moody-inducing, tired-inducing tale…

I happily drove my car with 4 friends inside. As I turned out of Bukit Panjang Community Centre, I started to smell something funny but i ignored it till i turned into BKE (Bukit Timah Expressway) towards city! That's when the smell started to get really pungent and something was wrong with the stability of the car. I stopped the car and realised the front right tyre had burst!

Yes, burst, not punctured! All of us were in disarray with me as the most affected. I tried calling my mum (she dunno wat to do), my dad (din ans his phone) and my bro in law (who was patient but equally helpless).

I freaked out!!

I am in the middle of the bloody expressway with no help and my friends were suffering with me!! Anyway, my father finally called back and told me there’s a car breakdown sign and a spare wheel in my boot! And i tell u, i have driven this old car for 5 months and never had i notice that there’s a bloody spare tyre!! But there it was, hidden beneath layers of newspapers!!

I attempted to lift up the car using the car jack and i managed to! But when i turned out the bolts on the burst tyre, the whole thing turned!! So i had to undo it and used some equipment to take out e bolts!! Luckily we had Lango, a future engineer to help me wif the physics aspect (i never like e subject). I installed a new tyre!! So happy even though my two hands were full of dark stuff. Kaijing said i man leh!! lol~ 

But no no, not the end of e story~! I drove via BKE to Mandai area and went through a scary road leading to the Mandai Reservoir~ Tat's when i started to hear a noise, like some thing loose and knocking against the vehicle. I took note of it and decided to check on it after i get out of that stretch of road (its bloody only one lane!! And a spooky one too~!).

BUT the whole car stalled when i reached the T-Junction and my friends saw smoke coming out of e bonnet!! Yes, smoke not as in cigarette smoke but fire smoke!!

The whole engine was overheated (according to the red indicator on the dashboard) and the water level was low~ I called my dad, figured tat it will take some time for the engine to be cool again, therefore asking my friends to go home first. Luckily all of them had direct bus!! But felt so guilty because i offered and yet they were late and still have to take bloody expensive transport!!

Im alone, standing beside the car when i bumped into one of the most embarassing moments in my life!! An SBS No 138 bus stopped right beside me and all the passengers on e left side of the bus were all looking at me and my car!! They have never seen a broken down car before?!?! Maybe they wonder why a young guy like me is driving a broken down car!! So Paiseh!!!

My dad came and we waited a while, filled up the water and checked on on the engine before driving home. Something is definintely wrong with the engine because the temperature of the engine shot up again (according to the indicator again). Anyway we reached home around 12 midnight, bushed, tired and hungry!! Luckily, there was still dinner for me!! Some veges, herbal soup, steamed fish and best of all, a steamed crab that was so meaty and tender!!!

No moral for this story but my dad told me the car may be scrapped soon!! So no car for me!! But good lah, i will spend lesser on food and nothing on petrol!!! lol~

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