Monday, May 15, 2017

Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar @ Changi International Airport Terminal 3 [Singapore]

I was in a rush to grab dinner before the Li Ronghao concert at Singapore Expo's Max Pavilion and although i did some research beforehand for dining options at Changi Airport, undecided me just couldn't make a decision! 

Therefore, when i alighted from the bus drop off at terminal three and turned right after entering the air-conditioned terminal, right ahead of me was Aoy's Thai Noodle Bar; i figured that's fate and i might as well give it a try.  

Decisions to be made again on what i should order! The signature dish was the beef boat noodle but i had been drinking soupy stuff for the past few days due to an upset tummy and felt that the wanton noodle was more appealing for my palate! 

Thai Chicken Chop Wanton Noodles - Pity the noodle was too dry and the wantons (dumplings) were as unpalatable as the ones sold in many wanton noodle stalls at the hawker centres in Singapore. 

Chicken balls were juicy although not memorable enough to warrant a return visit. The same goes for the Thai chicken chop which tasted a bit like braised chicken; i did enjoy the chicken skin though. In conclusion, i think i should have gone for the boat noodle instead.

Sticky Rice with Mango, Coconut Cream and Mango Puree - ps. it's a photo angle illusion as the serving was in reality quite small. It tasted not too bad even though i found the combination weird as the coconut cream was cold whereas the rice was hot and the puree was too sweet while the mango was too sour. Sigh, I miss my sticky mango rice from Terminal 21! :(


Basement 2, Terminal 3, Changi Airport, 
65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663

As above.

Thai Chicken Chop Wanton Noodles - S$6.50
Sticky Rice with Mango, Coconut Cream and Mango Puree - S$4.80
(Inclusive of GST)

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