Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gold Waterfall (黃金瀑布) @ Jinguashi [New Taipei, Taiwan]

Our eyes were fixated on this towering mountain to our left when Mr Xu, our designated chauffeur for our day trip (i had to explain this ever so often), told us we had arrived at the Gold Waterfall of Jinguashi; an area in Taiwan traditionally known for its gold and copper mines 

As we turned to our right, our eyes were immediately hit by a shiny flash of dazzling gold. Okay, i am absolutely kidding here. It wasn't as exaggerated although we were still pretty impressed by the sight in front us. p.s. my pictures didn't do it any justice. 

There's a scientific explanation for the gold-coloured waterfall; the mines are no longer operational but this has resulted in rain seeping in to the mines and amalgamating with the metal deposits. Note: the acidic water is no longer drinkable after the chemical process. You may try if you wish to be in the same predicament as the plant shown in the above picture.

Taking a customary shot of Alex in front of the waterfall! According to some travel guides, this place is a popular backdrop for wedding pictures!

On the other side nearer to the residential area which is also the non-mine section, water remains in its somewhat purer form, reflecting a strong contrast to the gold waterfall. By the way, the gold in its name refers to the colour; you would not be able to find any of that precious Au (chemical symbol)! 

All that water would have to go somewhere! And there's no better place than the sea. Look out for my next post as i bring you to another phenomenon in Rueifang Township. 

Last photo of the waterfall as Mr Xu drove us to higher ground. 


For details on engaging Mr Xu as your driver in Taipei, 
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