Monday, June 16, 2014

Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake and Zhajiang Mian @ Din Tai Fung JEM [鼎泰 豐]

When i am out with my friends / family, it's at times easier to just enter a dining establishment that we have visited before rather than having a debate on whether we should give the new restaurant at the corner a chance. 

Especially when you are with Alex! His eyes lit up when we mentioned Din Tai Fun as one of the MANY options to consider for dinner! He vividly remembered a prawn cracker (not the signature xiaolongbao, not the prawn rice) that was very good.

As with many Din Tai Fung outlets around the world, there was a queue and it took us fifteen minutes before we were seated. Since i have blogged on Din Tai Fung before (specifically the RWS branch), i am not going to talk about their signature dishes. You may refer to here instead. 

Noodle w Minced Pork & Bean Sauce 
I had a pretty nice zhajiangmian in my first visit to D'Shanghai in Sutera Mall and i thought i should give this a try despite my usual aversion to carbo-heavy meals like noodles at night. 

It had a strong vinegar flavour and didn't feature the rich and thick savoury sauce that i was totally expecting from this dish. I cannot say i didn't like it even though i could not help comparing this to the pork noodles from Hill Street Tai Hwa!

Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake
This, in my honest opinion, is perfect enough to substitute xiaolongbao as Din Tai Fung's signature dish (except for maybe its pricing).

The salty beancurd skin was simply a thin layer covering a delicious mixture of prawns (and likely fish paste). Are you a lover of deep fried prawn crackers? I bet you would love this thinner and more tender version; in fact, it would not catch me by surprise if you order a few pieces just so you can stack them up for a more satisfying bite! 


50, Jurong Gateway Road,
#02-27, JEM Singapore

Updated Menu
As appended above.

Noodle w Minced Pork & Bean Sauce - S$8.50
Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake - S$9.30
[Subject to GST & Service Charge]

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