Sunday, July 18, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival (2010) - Level 6 @ Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre

My first visit since its inception in 2006, this biennial event has been attracting both locals (note: a lot of elderly) and foreigners! It's hard to know that this event can be popular even though there's a ticket charge for entry!

Well before i reached the 4th level of Suntec Convention Centre, my sensitive nose had already caught the flowery fragrance, with just the slight hint of the unmistakable musty smell of earthy soil.

Let's halt a most likely lengthy post on this fiesta and begin with pictures that everyone loves!

All flowers shown in the pictures are REAL!

The long corridor of yellow flowers greeted us on level 4! It's like a whole new world!

It was recommended to start from level 6, which had a more organised concept!

Nice landscaping hor? At that time, my feet had not stepped into the realm of plants and flowers!

Ever stayed in a kampong before for 6 years, this brought back a nostalgic feeling of what Singapore has lost. There's even a scarecrow nearby!

One gardening concept for the urban homes! If you look closely, you can see sand spewing from one corner.

Designs need not be too elaborate. Sometimes, a simplistic form is more than enough.

A Chinese-inspired garden design! I am always awed by Chinese gardens for its extensive use of wood, stone, bridges, bonsai and of course, flowers!

Maybe it's time for a trip to Singapore Chinese Garden! It's been like... twenty years i guess???

This is the centre of attraction for the festival! Let me present to you the humongous "The Man Who Planted Trees"!!

The MAN again with a change of suit.

Did you spot the pears? My arm, hand, fingers not long enough to attest its authenticity!! FML!

A concept from Australia using loads of recyclable materials.

The start of a LONG LONG row of beautiful, unique flowers!

Looks like the mermaid from Denmark!

Would love to have a summer house like this! Provided i win TOTO first prize at least 20 times!


Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 4 and Level 6.

Different price structure for adult, child, weekday and weekend. There's even a long term pass! Please visit HERE for more information.
-to be continued-

By the way, this event runs till this Thursday, a mere 4 days away (22 July 2010).

Get your butt going if you are interested!

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