Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Custard Apple

How many of you know what a custard apple is? Anyone of you has seen one before?? I did a mini survey and apparently, out of 5 persons, not one knows what the heck it is!!

I guess I was fortunate to live in a kampong before, plus the fact that my family was in a fruit business, resulting in ample opportunities to eat fruits with a personal favorite for the custard apples!!

However, before the 24th December this year, I had not touched even half a custard apple since 1996!

Coming back to my first question, custard apple looks like a soursop and has as many seeds as one but with a taste that is fructose sweeter!! This one (picture) I tried came from Taiwan, was in fact a hybrid between a custard apple and pineapple and you cannot get it in Singapore!! Neh Neh Neh Neh!!

I cannot describe how good it was… but I have one word to summarise it; fabulous! Okay, fabulous cannot even describe it!! It’s just so amazing!! No wonder it cost $6 a piece!! Well, you can get to taste it in Singapore (the original custard apple) but it’s half the size and cost around $2, provided you can get it. *evil grins*

Fortunately, my sister still has one last one. Apparently, her hubby was not that adventurous with food so it goes to me!!!!!!!!!!! LOL~~~~~~~~~ *prays it wun rot by the time I collected it from her place*

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