Thursday, August 22, 2019

Blossoms Once Again @ Guiyang, Guizhou [China]

Like my dad, i love flowers and nothing beats seeing an entire tree heavily laden with flowers so vividly bright and beautiful! In my Guizhou trip, the last day was most memorable as there were just so many sakura trees located near Jiaxiu Pavilion! 

I was literally lost for words although i believe there were other places elsewhere (in China, Japan etc) where the blossoms would be even more expansive. Oh well, i am already happy to be surrounded by so many. 

Dad was obviously the happiest! Maybe i should consider planning a trip with him to Japan / Taiwan where the annual sakura season is literally a major tourist period. I am hesitant though since my dad has always preferred tour packages whereas i am keener with free and easy in Japan and Taiwan... 

In comparison, dad appeared a lot more stern in the above picture with Jiaxiu Pavilion; the most iconic structure in the Guiyang; the provincial capital of Guizhou.


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