Saturday, May 26, 2018

Thai Khaneng Coffee Shop - BBQ Thai Food and Thai Milk Tea in Woodlands Industrial Park E2 [Singapore]

I shared about the deep fried chicken butts (they were really good) at Thai Khaneng Coffee Shop a few days ago and this time, i am going to kick start my review on the main meal i had at the industrial kopitiam!

Rustic it sure was as the barbecuing was done on a grill that's spread over an oil drum! The Great Kon made the order as i didn't know what was recommended, and what's not.

Variety was pretty decent and served more than our local barbecued stalls with the likes of chicken wings, spring chicken, sausages, fish and internal organs.

Thai Milk Tea - i resisted from ordering Thai milk tea as i had it a few times in Bangkok and they were far too sweet for my liking! However, Kon's tolerance for sweetness is lower than mine and if he said i should try; i will!

Came in a plastic bag that's holding a paper bag that contained another tied plastic bag filled with Thai milk tea, this is simply eco-unfriendly! Nevertheless, it's indeed not so sweet and featured a nice fragrance. I actually enjoyed drinking it; to the extent i had the intention to have a second bag.

Barbecued Food - obviously the above isn't BBQ food and the platter containing cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and apples was more an appetiser. Sadly, i am guarded against raw vegetables, given my sensitive tummy, and only aimed the slices of apples.

Ordered a rice even though i refrained from having rice for dinner. However, the small bowl of simple looking soup came only with rice and it was da bomb! It was refreshing and delicious to the point i felt that my mom's soup would lose to it.

Barbecued fish - no idea what fish species this belonged to but do be careful with the bones!

While i can't really fish (pun unintended) out the flavour of the marinade, it was fresh and meaty. Guess this would be one place i could bring my mom to as she loves to eat fish and this only cost S$10.

Barbecued meat - there was a sausage that had been cut up and looked like pieces of fish cake; rather nice with a tender juiciness that tasted a bit like fish cake actually.

Despite the charred surface, the chicken wings impressed with a flavourful layer of honeyed marination on the skin. Although some of our local bbq chicken wings hawker stalls might be placed higher on the taste test, these Thai style wings were special in their unique way.


1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2,
Singapore 757447

Location Map
As above.

Thai Milk Tea - S$2.00
BBQ Fish - S$10.00
BBQ Sausage - S$4.00
BBQ Chicken Wings - S$10 for 6

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