Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Local Market (札中卸センター) near Curb Market @ Sapporo [Hokkaido, Japan]

My initial intention was to include this local market (札中卸センター), chanced upon when i was on my way to the subway station from curb market, in the day six posting but there were way too many photographs!

In addition, it commanded a really decent 4.2 rating on google map and i thought it might be worth creating a separate post to share with everyone! Do keep in mind, however, that i treated the walk across the market as a shortcut and hence, didn't stop for extended period of time.

The market was just a passage with stalls lining on each side and unlike the curb market which specialized in seafood; this one was built for the locals with larger variety of products that include cooked food, raw food ingredients, fruits etc.

As i bake more than i cook, i couldn't do much price comparison although i think 50 yen for a roll beancurd was pretty reasonable when all i heard about Japan previously was how expensive everything is!

Stress reliever for less than S$2!

Tablecloths for the kitchen with prices ranging from 690 yen to 1,125 yen for twelve pieces! I should have gotten a few for my humble abode as the ones in my house got smelly extremely fast...

Water spinach for 200 yen a bunch; from the kanji characters, i gathered they were organic. Again, i don't know the Singapore market price for  空心菜.

Raw meat section!

Marinated chicken and pork; prices didn't appear exorbitant from what i recall even though i am a regular patron of supermarket instead of wet market in Singapore.

Products from the sea!

More seafood; despite my trust in Japanese products, i didn't feel that the fish would remain that fresh after being wrapped with plastic and placed on a styrofoam plate. Wouldn't ice be better?

These were housed in more favourable conditions and if you are doing the mathematical calculation as i did, the prices were seriously cheaper than expected! 4 raw deshelled scallops for only S$5?! Fish head for less than S$2?

Fruits were as expensive as rumoured. Pity i didn't have enough time to go through this rather small market as our planned itinerary required us to check out maruyama zoo!


23 Chome-1-1-2 Kita 12 Jōnishi, 
Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, 
Hokkaidō 060-0012, Japan
(Near Nijuyonken Subway Station)

Location Map
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