Saturday, June 24, 2017

Guan's Mee Pok (with Yakitori, Fish Maw & Onsen Egg) - 阿源面薄 @ 713, Clementi West Street 2 [West Coast, Singapore]

When it comes to choosing mee pok or mee kia for my bak chor (minced pork) or fishball noodle, there's a 75% chance I would go for mee pok which is a flat type of local noodle.

At Guan's Mee Pok, there's only one choice and I am definitely not complaining given it saves me a lot of time in deliberating between mee pok and mee kia! Now, I didn't know that Guan's Mee Pok already has an established reputation and is actually famed for their unique toppings like yakitori, fish maw, squid or even abalone on a bed of minced pork noodle.

From the articles put up at the branch, I guess there must be a following from the Japanese community in the West Coast enclave. By the way, this stall is located in the same coffee shop as the Japanese-managed Ah Hoe Mee Pok although there's no competition since the latter had already closed shop.

My S$5 Guan's Mee Pok with Yakitori - I would love to go with the squid but the ridiculous pricing of $9 was, in essence, too expensive and too hard to stomach. 

Let's start with the soup that had a generous serving of cut spring onions which can be self-served from the stall itself - it wasn't your usual dead, bland soup and I liked it enough to down it to the very last drop.

Now on the pretty well-hidden noodle with all the fanciful toppings; traditionalists like my mom would not take kindly to this fusion innovation although I am all for special, blow-me-away taste experience. 

Clearing the toppings first - dumpling was okay, fish maw was soft, onsen egg wasn't served hot although its taste was good enough, that fried fish thingy was nice and crunchy and coming to the yakitori; I thought the meat was soft with a pretty nice marination even though it wasn't spectacular enough to overtake the one from Tori Q

Remaining would be the noodles and my favourite crispy pork lards! I had a lot more because two of my lunch mates passed theirs to me! Noodle, by right the star of the dish, was cooked perfectly with just the right balance of softness and hardness and the vinegar taste, though significant, wasn't overpowering! 

I cleaned up the bowl effortlessly! At S$5, it was indeed pricey but once you discount the luxurious toppings (a typical stick of yakitori would cost about S$1.00-S$1.50), it's almost comparable to a normal bowl of bak chor mee from a coffee shop. 


Block 713, Clementi West Street 2, 
#01-115, One Kitchen Coffee Shop, 
Singapore 120713


As above.

As above.

Mee Pok with Yakitori -  S$5.00 

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