Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Stone Cafe with a View of the City! @ Bandung [Indonesia]

When i was actively looking through the numerous Bandung itineraries on the world wide web before my trip, the Stone Cafe popped up on quite a number and we guess it should be safe for us to add it in for the two days that a driver was engaged. 

Due to its name, i was half expecting a themed cafe that's entirely made of stone with a cave-like ambience that would bring back to the era of our ancestors; the stone age. 

I was wrong; there were three buildings for guests and the general consensus is that the structures are modern with just a little bit of traditional touch ups like the use of bamboo, wood and stones.

We were offered both indoor and outdoor seating but seeing that mom would very much prefer to be in a sheltered arena (away from the wind), we opted for the former and were momentarily mesmerized by the night view of Bandung city ahead of us when we stepped in. 

Guess the cafe's favourable location at the hillside was a big draw for diners, especially couples out for a romantic dinner. The building we were in catered mainly for families and big groups and i understand smaller private gazebos are available. 

They were wondering when food would arrive as we did wait a pretty long time for lunch a few hours earlier. As it was officially the first full day in Bandung, the word "tired" was written on all their faces! 

Tong Tji Teh Poci - a pot of hot tea would always be welcome when one's cold. That's mom's tea whereas the younger (albeit not youthful) me had a cup of hot chocolate to soothe the chill on my body. No picture of the hot chocolate as the picture turned out blurred! 

Pisang Goreng Keju - literally translated as fried banana in grated cheese, i was wondering if the combination of bananas and cheese drenched in chocolate sauce would go well together as we don't really get this combi in Singapore.

Turned out the bananas' sweetness complemented extremely well with the cheese and chocolate and the taste was memorable enough for us to order the same thing when we saw it at another cafe the next day. 

Chilled Prawn Avocado Salad - reserving my comment on salad as stomach space should be better used on non-salad items when one's overseas. 

Spicy Prawn Bruschetta - okay tasting although the simplicity of it means there's a high chance for me to replicate. Personally, i feel that the spicy prawn would go better in pasta! 

Chicken Cordon Bleau - at 70,000 rupiah, this was the most expensive item we ordered even though once converted to Singapore dollars, it is very reasonable at about S$8.00 given that this is a restaurant / cafe. 

Taste wise, unimpressive unfortunately. 

Tom Yum Goong -   we just wanted something hot and mom was craving for tom yum soup; hence the order although we were far from Thailand. Turned out it was the best dish among all (for me, this was of equal standing with the fried banana with cheese)! The sweet, tangy and spicy soup kicked a punch and we can literally feel our pores opening as it trickled down our throat. Shiok! The only issue was that the fish tasted, well, fishy. 

Be serenaded by the music from a live band performing on the ground level of another building of Stone Cafe. As they faced the internal road of the cafe, i wondered if they could be moved to an enclosed area surrounded by diners so that their music can be better appreciated. 


Jalan Raya Ranca Kendal Luhur No.5, 
Gerbang Dago Resort Dago Atas, Dago, Coblong, 
Ciburial, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40198, 

Tong Tji Teh Poci - 18,000 Rupiah 
Pisang Goreng Keju - 25,000 Rupiah
Chilled Prawn Avocado Salad - 31,000 Rupiah
Spicy Prawn Bruschetta - 34,000 Rupiah
Chicken Cordon Bleau - 70,000 Rupiah
Tom Yum Goong - 40,000 Rupiah
(Subject to 5% Service Tax and 10% General Tax) 

For the itinerary of my Bandung trip, please click here

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