Monday, January 02, 2017

BBQ Corn in the Highlands @ Tangkuban Perahu Mountain [Bandung]

Our family has a high resistance towards the purchase of tempting street food but when one was cold, the first thing to hit the mind was to get something to warm the tummy! 

On that nice chilly day at Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung, there were a number of stalls offering barbecued corn and i knew i just had to have one ear! Okay, my family was generally disciplined except for me. 

But hey, i am actually performing my duty as a filial son as i knew mum required a place to hide from the strong wind that was making her rub her hands constantly!

Happy her ordered a cup of less sweet local kopi and was surprised to find the residue right at the bottom! A veteran kopi auntie herself (she worked at the drink stall in a coffee shop); i bet she would have brought along a coffee strainer if she had the eyes to look into the future.

Now coming back to the charcoal grilled corn.

Instead of using a brush to layer the corn with butter, the Indonesians did it the most straightforward way; rub the corn against a block of butter! Yes, there's the risk of dirtying the butter although for the person who bought the corn, i was just glad to see a thicker spread that would likely enhance the corn's flavour.

At 10,000 rupiah each, the corn was cut into two pieces and i must said the ones we had were pretty good; wasn't badly charred, sweet and also buttery at the same time! 

Still hungry? There were other dishes on the table for you to pick from! I am less inclined to try the deep fry stuff as i didn't know how long they have been there. The cup noodles were in fact more enticing! 


Within Tangkuban Perahu

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