Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baso by Mister Baso @ Bandung Indah Plaza [Indonesia]

Bakso (or baso) is one of Indonesia's national dishes and you can find them literally in all parts of the country (i heard)! I have been to Indonesia on quite a few occasions but i never did find the motivation to try bakso until the recent Bandung trip!

Reason being that mum prefers soup stuff whereas her son would have loved to eat deep fried food every meal! Anyway, we faced a dilemma on what to eat for our first meal in Bandung and eventually cast our votes for Baso by Mister Baso; the double baso wording on the signage was some sort of mental encouragement for us.

Ordering was a challenge as the staff couldn't speak much English and rescue came in the form of my mom who could still speak a smattering of Bahasa!

Ice Tea - knowing Indonesian drinks are skewed towards sweetness, mom specifically requested for less sugar. This glass of iced tea was refreshing even though strangely, there was a grass jelly flavour to it.

Mini Tahu Pong - basically fried bean curd in cube form that was served piping hot! It tasted nicely fermented although not on the level of stinky tofu. A saucer of salt was provided; redundant in my opinion as the bean curds were super addictive on their own. We almost wanted to re-order it!

Es Kacang Merah - the Indonesian style ice kacang; this was sweet, just too sweet for our liking! My younger sister is a dessert lover and even she couldn't take the sweetness!

Ayam Goreng Tulang Lunak - fried chicken and it's not ayam penyet; infused heavily with lemongrass, the chicken meat was a bit mushy and mom suspected it had been immersed in water to make chicken soup before being deep fried to reduce wastage.

Baso Polos Merah - the meatballs i had was beef whereas mom went with the chicken one; sadly, the texture for both type of meatballs was too tough for my liking. Even the soup was unimpressive; plain and a bit like bee hoon soup. Healthy, nevertheless.

Sate Ayam - chicken satay; my usual take would be pork but Indonesia is a Muslim country and i can totally make do with chicken, mutton or even beef. Taste wise, i couldn't help comparing them with yaki tori as the chicken skin was attached; chicken meat was however in smaller pieces!

You know what's better than the satay? Mixing the plain rice with the satay peanut sauce - it tasted so yummy; i practically cleaned up all the white rice on the plate!


Bandung Indah Plaza Food Court, Ground Floor
Lantai 3 no 15 Jalan Merdeka no 56
Bandung, Indonesia


As above.

Ice Tea - 9,900 rupiah
Mini Tahu Pong - 23,900 rupiah
Es Kacang Merah - 20,900 rupiah
Ayam Goreng Tulang Lunak - 69,000 rupiah
Baso Polos Merah - 35,900 rupiah
Sate Ayam (10s) - 52,900 rupiah
(Subject to extra taxes)

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