Sunday, July 17, 2016

Visit to the Tiger Zone in Super Hot Weather @ Dusit Zoo [Bangkok]

The day was especially hot and i was slapping myself mentally in my head for acceding to Alex's request to visit the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok! A few hundred photographs were taken and i had to break them up for ease of sharing, on my side. 

Here's the one for Tiger Zone which featured reinforced glass for visitors to be closer to the ferocious felines. There's the irresistible urge to tempt the animals towards you for a close-up, next-to-you picture that you can boast to everyone. 

I didn't have that luck although i did chance upon a rare sight; the tiger basking in the pool of yellowish water. Not swimming, not frolicking; just simply sitting with its butt submerged.

At that point, i was green with envy as my perspiration was non-stop and i so wished i could be back at the pool on the roof of Park Plaza Hotel. The only key resistance was the colour of the water; maybe the cat was peeing.

Maybe noticing my eyes fixated on it, the tiger gave a look of annoyance as it stood up. If not for the glass separating me from it, i should have been worried for my life. I stared back with confidence and equal irritation.

Not one to feel threatened by a mere human who is below the world average for male's height, i believe it felt that i am just not worth the effort of potentially pushing up its temperature and did the rational thing; it walked off. 

Could anyone tell me what's the name of the tiger? Weirdly, the other tigers must have hidden themselves quite well as there's only one i spotted so far.


Tiger Zone, Dusit Zoo,
Bangkok, Thailand

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