Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Koala Exhibit @ Dusit Zoo [Bangkok]

Aside from the black and white giant panda, another mammal that i would love to cuddle would be the fluffy and adorable koala! 

I miss out on the koala mania exhibition in Singapore Zoo that ended early this year but i am glad to find another one in a foreign country; Bangkok, specifically in Dusit Zoo.

It was a huge enclosure and despite squinting my eyes to catch that slight movement in the midst of leaves and branches, i simply couldn't catch a glimpse of the marsupial! Something was amiss and it dawned on me that the entire area was sheltered and the koalas would likely die of sunstroke.

They were housed in very much smaller air-conditioned enclosures and there were just two of them. As expected, they were snoozing like they haven't caught a wink for ages! Is manicure part of their royal treatment? This koala here should honestly get his / her nails trimmed. 

Unlike Singapore's exhibition, the koala enclosure should be a permanent fixture since one of the koalas is borne in Thailand. In case they couldn't survive the heat, i believe you can also find koalas in the cooler highland of Thailand; Chiang Mai, since five koalas hailed directly from Chiang Mai Zoo.


Dusit Zoo, Bangkok

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