Monday, July 18, 2016

Feeding Catfish & Water Monitor Lizards @ Dusit Zoo [Bangkok]

We were puzzled by the business concept for the above bread counter as the bread was sold by the loaf and you don't get much of a variety; be it wholemeal, softmeal, wholegrain etc. 

But put the counter right next to a bridge over water and it didn't take long for the reality to hit us; instead of packets filled with nutrient-packed pellets, the vendor used the traditional cheap feed for people to purchase for the residents in the water. 

By residents, i am referring to the water monitor lizards and tortoises! There were so many of them; i personally felt that this spot should be made an attraction within the zoo.

Alex had to buy a loaf to show his dominance over the animal kingdom; albeit to selected greedy species that couldn't resist food.

I knew there were fishes in the water although i was still caught off guard by the high proportion of catfishes, most of which were humongous in sizes! 

They were violent in their quest to get as much bread as possible using their wide mouth and the only one able to break their fight was the water monitor lizard; it obviously wanted a piece of bread too!

Neither a stream, nor a river - i don't even know what you would call this bed of water that stretched rather far down and god knows what other creature lurks in the cloudy water. 

There's one way to find out - buy more loaves at 20 baht each! 


Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, 

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