Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Coffee Hive - Coffee Kaya Toast Set @ Novena Square 2 [Singapore]

It dawned on me that whenever i go out with my mum, we would eventually end up having a cup of kopi and this particular day was no exception.

Louise recommended Coffee Hive not because she had tried it before; she remembered a long queue at its order counter at lunch every single time she was in the vicinity and assumed the stuff must be pretty good. 

Knowing that my family members can help to share the fats, i went with the coffee kaya toast set that came with two half boiled eggs, coffee / tea (kopi for me) and two slices of cut toast with option for butter / butter sugar / kaya / peanut butter spread. 

My kopi was slightly on the bitter side which didn't quite meet my cut but my sister was happy with her teh c. Soft boiled eggs were perfect; put it this way, there's a high chance Alex would be having a second serving if he were there.

Verdict was split on the kaya butter toast. Kaya wasn't cloyingly sweet with butter adding a creamier touch and the bread was toasted just right; featuring a soft-crisp texture that was charred nicely. My issue was on the thickness; either thin down the toast or double the kaya and butter! 


10 Sinaran Drive,
#B1-88, Novena Square 2,
Singapore 307506 

As above

Operating Hours
7.00am to 9.30pm (Daily)


As above. The menu was extensive and Louise gathered that the other items might have resulted in the long queue. Nevertheless, she stands by her teh c.

Coffee Toast Set - S$4.20

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