Friday, July 15, 2016

Bibigo Hot Stone - Korean Healthy Fresh Kitchen @ Raffles City Shopping Centre [Singapore]

Although i love to eat, i seldom provide suggestions on the venue whenever there's a gathering among friends; reason being i honestly don't mind trying something new and the bonus is that i might even be able to blog about it! 

Hence, i was delighted when Vanessa proposed trying out Bibigo! I have always wanted to try out this Korean casual restaurant but there were just too many temptations at the basement level of Raffles City.

Never one to care much about the history of a company as times could dictate the change for many factors, you may check out Bibigo's website if you wish to know more. 

I am going to dive in straight to food as it's about midnight now and i am facing blogger's block. With a main dish ordered, you would be guaranteed of side dishes typical of Korean restaurants.

The one before the above photo, spicy seafood soft tofu stew, belonged to Vanessa but mine had the same side dishes. Among all, i was most impressed with the squid which tasted similar to the Japanese's Chuka Idako Chinmi; albeit with a spicier punch and in strips! 

As mine was a rice dish, i was also given a separate bowl of soup that was too bland for me. In this instance, i would have opted for the seaweed soup if it is available. 

Braised Pork Bibimbap - frankly, it didn't look much and i thought i could mix in the spicy kimchi in the event it falls short of expectation. Surprisingly, this turned out to be the most delicious bibimbap i had in recent times! 

The braised pork was the major game changer as it tasted different, in a good way, from the usual bulgogi yet complemented perfectly with the rest of the ingredients once mixed in! I am not so much into healthy-tasting food but this literally took my breath away. 


252 North Bridge Road, #B1-74, 
Raffles City Shopping Center, 
Singapore 179103

Nearest MRT Station
City Hall (next to the shopping centre)


Braised Pork Bibimbap - S$16
Iced Water - Complimentary
(Subject to GST & Service Charge)

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