Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Wrap & Roll - The Best of Vietnamese Food @ Changi City Point [Singapore]

I usually abhor dining establishments that claimed to serve the best food although i couldn't stop my feet from walking in when i was in the right mood to have Vietnamese cuisine! 

It's heartening though to know the restaurant has quite a number of branches in Vietnam; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, with Singapore being the first overseas venture. 

This is my second visit as the first time i patronised Wrap & Roll; it was after an agonising last-minute shopping for Chinese New Year clothing and i was so tired; i just wanted to have my dinner peacefully without the additional stress needed to ensure the pictures turn out okay for blogging. 

I didn't opt for the roll-it-yourselves dishes as i figured if i am going to do the work myself, i might as well save money by cooking at home. Eating outside should be fuss free mah!

Crispy Prawn Pancakes
I love anything with prawns in it and was expecting to sink my teeth into the tender sweetness of this particularly well loved seafood. 

Weirdly, it was more like having carrot cake served in cantonese dim sum style. It tasted better than the aforementioned although i couldn't quite discern the prawn in it. To be fair, Alex liked it a lot! 

Minced Pork & Mushrooms Rolls
Commonly served in dim sum restaurants, the Vietnamese version  chee cheong fun featured meaty fillings like beef, grilled pork etc. I had tried their beef ones before and enjoyed them but for the purpose of novelty, i opted for the minced and mushrooms one which had a chef-recommended logo beside it.

This was less palatable with the dough (skin) being dry and rather thick. Even the filling failed to excite me and i attributed this lack of interest to the hardly substantial minced pork and mushrooms filling. 

Rice Vermicelli (Dry) w Pork & Spring Roll
While everyone is into pho when it comes to Vietnamese food in Singapore, i am the weirdo as i have always preferred the dry noodles! 

The slices of grilled pork with its subtle lemongrass marination were soft, juicy and totally placated the hungry tummy. That's not all by the way - you have to mix up everything to fully enjoy this bowl of unassuming noodles. 

Mixed up flavour was nothing short of delicious; the perfect amalgamation of fragrant coriander leaves, flavourful fish sauce (tasted like a lighter version of thai chilli sauce), smooth and thin vermicelli, the crispy crunch of spring roll and the super nice grilled pork! This was comfort food that didn't overwhelm yet did the job in simple way. 

Cleaned up! 

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, 
#B1-26/27, Changi City Point,
Singapore 486038 
(Next to EXPO MRT Station)

Operating Hours
Mondays to Sundays - 11am to 10pm


Crispy Prawn Pancakes - S$3.90
Minced Pork & Mushrooms Rolls - S$3.50
Rice Vermicelli (Dry) w Pork & Spring Roll - S$11.90

(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

Additional Information
Banh Mi (Vietnamese Subway) is available for those who were crazy over them; they would appear in a new menu that would be out soon! 

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