Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wild Honey 2016 - Bigger, Spacious, Brighter! @ Mandarin Gallery Shopping Mall [Singapore]

When Wild Honey first started operation, it boasted two advantages that its competitors didn't have; full day breakfast and options extensive enough to put others to shame. 

Fast forward to six years later since my last visit to its inaugural Mandarin Gallery branch; this time to a new yet much larger premise (it moved next door) and with us were the two mischievous brats! 

Frankly, i couldn't quite remember the old branch except that it was very much a squeeze, dark and the restaurant didn't accept reservations! The current environment was brighter with full length windows overlooking the intersection of orchard road and grange / cairnhill roads and yes, reservation is allowed (online or traditional way at 6235-3900)!

Mandarin Wilderness
Raspberry, banana, honey, mandarin orange and ice all blended into one; it was sorbet in smoothie form; refreshing but too sourish for my sweet-tooth taste buds. 

Wild Iced Tea
I thought i could never go wrong with ice tea; i was wrong. With unsweetened peppermint, lemon verbena, rosehip and hibiscus, it was like reliving a bad memory when i first had roselle tea! It definitely could benefit from another cup of sugar syrup! 

Scandinavian Breakfast
Let's talk about this breakfast first as i didn't manage to take a bite and had to rely on my mom's comment. She liked it as it's something special although the pricing was off-putting; couldn't blame her as she could get a serving of vegetarian bee hoon with three side dishes for less than S$4! 

Sweet Morning Breakfast
Looking just like french toast, the sweetness of the brioche bread was enhanced by the sweetness of mango hidden in between the bread; tasty yes and weird too. 

European Breakfast
The poached eggs were well hidden inside the walls of Italian prosciutto. Cannot imagine that Joyce ordered this as she had just returned from a 10-day trip to Europe and i thought she had enough of European food. 

Aussie Breakfast
Steak was typical of an Aussie breakfast?!?!?! *envious* The 150g Australian rump didn't surprise us and i personally thought this dish was the least exciting among those we ordered. 

Tunisian Breakfast
The savoury gravy remained a main draw for those at the table (saved for the kids); sadly, this came last and by then, most of us were half done with our meals and if you have noticed, most breakfasts came with two thick slices of extremely filling brioche bread! 

English Breakfast
Mine and given my character for going with the safer option, i kind of remember that English breakfast was the best i tried six years ago and it made good sense to recollect that memory. 

Strangely, it didn't evoke any exceptional feeling and the items that caught my taste buds' attention were the diced up breakfast potatoes (they were grilled so well). Others were passable (note, i dislike baked beans) and i could help thinking that the brunch offerings at Wawawa bistro were a notch better. In terms of service and speed of delivery though, Wild Honey had the indisputable upper hand. 


333A Orchard Road,
#03-02, Mandarin Gallery Mall,
Singapore 238897

Operating Hours
Sundays to Thursdays - 9am to 8.30pm
Fridays to Saturdays - 9am to 9.30pm

As above


Mandarin Wilderness - S$10.00
Wild Iced Tea - S$8.00
Scandinavian Breakfast - S$28.00
Sweet Morning Breakfast - $19.00
European Breakfast - S$22.00
Aussie Breakfast - S$35.00
Tunisian Breakfast - S$22.00
English - S$25.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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