Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Luohan Fruit Plantations @ Longji Terraced Fields [China]

Although i hailed from one of the last few rural villages in Singapore, rice fields are something we don't see on the island; hence, i did assume that those terraces on the hillside were likely to be the famous rice fields we travelled a few hours for. 

It did baffle me when i noticed there were green canopies protecting the crops underneath and it was only after clarifying with our tour guide that i learnt the produce wasn't rice! In fact, it was something i had been seeing for the past few days since arriving in China for the Guilin trip

Have you guessed it yet? As i was on the bus, a close-up isn't possible. However, at least you are now aware that these were plantations for luohan guo; Guangxi province is actually a main producer of the fruit! Learnt something new again.


You may click here to read the summarised itinerary of the Guilin trip! 

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