Sunday, April 10, 2016

Let's Blog About Jovyn - While She Is Still in Kindergarten

The bulldog-cheek baby hasn't been given much coverage in this blog recently and i guess it's time to give a short update in the midst of my travel-in-China postings.

Well, she is still a handful to handle but her well known confidence (some prefer to call it friendliness) remains even though i would think that that has shot up with age! 

Speed is getting to be quite a hindrance and i have never felt that aged - glad i am not living with her seven days a week; if that happens, it would just be a matter of time i sprain my back or injure my ankle. 

Unlike before, she no longer sees the permanent need to smile sweetly into my camera; instead, she would make all sorts of exaggerated expressions to get my disapproving attention! 

Only with her parents' commanding voice would she behave slightly better. Recently, her signature pose involved slanting her body with her butt jutting out; don't ask me, i am not the culprit this time!

A few more decent enough photographs of our dearest Jovyn. I couldn't quite get good enough photographs of Jerald as he has the tendency to switch expression when my finger hits the shutter button!

She is still very much into Elsa from Frozen even though the way she handles the doll is no difference from a hunter holding its prized catch. 

Many people assumed Jovyn inherited her numerous expressions from her uncle. Truth is; her mom (my sister) was the one who taught me! Evidence as above! 

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