Monday, February 08, 2016

Aerie Tower - Sweeping View of the Wetlands @ Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve [Singapore]

Without an eye to spot little critters and tiny reptiles, i find nature reserves rather boring and prefer to aim for the tower for a breathtaking, helicopter view of their surroundings.

It's not my first time to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve although i always feel that it's challenging to post the pictures in this blog since i generally have nothing especially educational or informative to append to them.

Having said that, i guess i would post some of the photographs taken during the trip i made with my dad on new year day even though there wasn't much to be seen.

Above is Aerie Tower - said to be a landmark for the nature reserve. Not many are aware what Aerie refers to; a person, a bird or just a name thought of with no significant relevance? 

Reached the top of the tower! Coming back to the name, aerie is defined as "a large nest of a bird of prey, especially an eagle, typically built high in a tree or on a cliff" on google! 

The wetlands featuring low-height flora which wasn't much, honestly.

Similar to the view windows at Yangshuo, a different side offers a different view and this side shows the cityscape of Johore Bahru, state capital of Johor, Malaysia. 

On good days, i should be able to see hundreds and maybe even thousands of migratory birds on the mud-lands; that would have resulted in a much more impressive sight! 

At that time when i visited, it was literally an "empty" place with few roosting birds. i thought it was already the start of the winter season but according to a few friends today, the climate this year is extremely odd and even in Japan, the snow fell only at about mid-January. 

Whatever the case, hope the situation would improve soon. If not, the reputation of Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve as a popular spot for migratory birds would definitely be undermined. 

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