Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Xiao Gang Western Food (小刚西餐) Pork Chop @ Alexandra Village Food Centre [Singapore]

Faced with a dilemma whenever i visited a hawker centre that i am not very familiar with; i would likely rely on the length of the queue to decide what to order. 

Problem was, we were there too early and except for Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice, there was no queue anywhere else! Since Alex was keen to have chicken chop, i thought i might as well check out the pork chop at Xiao Gang Western Food. 

Presentation wise, i honestly didn't have anything to complain about; there was a beautifully fried sunny side up, nice crinkle fries even though i could have requested for no baked beans in exchange for more fries. 

Let's talk about the less important things first - coleslaw was nice without being cloyingly sweet / creamy / heavy while the fries were hot and crunchy with just the right amount of sale. 

Main star, pork that is, was a disappointment. The only taste i gathered from the numerous bites was peppery. Meat was also too lean, dry and could have benefited from a fatter, juicier cut. 

Thanks to the amazingly hot chilli sauce, i managed to clean up the pork. No thanks to the waste of calories though. :( 


Block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1, 
#01-29 (Alexandra Village Hawker Centre) 

Pork Chop - S$5.80

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