Sunday, December 20, 2015

Waan Waan Thai Coconut Ice Cream @ Old Airport Road [Singapore]

Go to Chatuchak Weekend Market at Bangkok and the one thing you die die must do is to indulge in an authentic serving of Thai style coconut ice cream served in a coconut husk! 

With Singapore being a melting pot of a wide variety of international cuisines, you don't even need to travel out of the country nowadays; at least not for the Thai coconut ice cream and it could be found in a place that's right smack in a common Singaporean heart. In this case, Old Airport Road Food Centre! 

The stall i patronised was Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream - frankly, the bright, cheery facade was a key motivator for me to give it a try as i had a heavy meal right before this! 

Standard order would be the classic with two scoops of ice cream (either coconut or mango) with five toppings (ruby, corn, chendol plus two other toppings of your choice) and i thought it should be sufficient for mom and i. Furthermore, i am on diet and doubt "the jumbo" would be beneficial to my never-ending crusade. 

At more than double the pricing, there was one notable difference from its original cousin back in Bangkok; size of the portion which was obviously much smaller here in Singapore! This translated into a reduced satisfaction although as a whole, it was still visually appealing and i have nothing to complain about as far as freshness of ingredients was concerned. 

Oh! Another teeny weeny complaint; the coconut meat could have been softer and sweeter! Before i travel to Bangkok again, i guess i don't have any choice but to continue paying the significantly higher price in order to enjoy the dessert. 


51 Old Airport Road #01-51, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Operating Hours
11.30am to 9.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)

As above (badly stitched photo). Aside from Thai coconut ice cream, you can also find another Thai-favourite dessert; the mango sticky rice!

Classic Thai Coconut Ice Cream - S$4.90

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