Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Incredible Laser Pointers @ Yangshuo West Street [China]

As i was strolling back to the hotel after the night expedition at the touristy West Street in Yangshuo, it's hard not to notice the green laser beams shining towards us!

The shooting range was incredible and i was rather tempted to get one even though on second thought, i have absolutely no use for it and pointing it at airplanes would likely result in a visit to the court house where a fine and maybe even a jail term awaits.

When i was much younger, you don't get such good laser pointers unless it's some serious shit from the military. And of course, the price was astronomical!

Just when i was already in awe of the range, i noted another strong beam shining towards the row of shophouses where our hotel was, which was further away!

Want to buy a few at your own risk? Locate the vendor at the main entrance of West Street, Yangshuo Town! He roved around but it would be no difficult task to find him; just look out for the laser beams.


For the itinerary of the tour package (guaranteed no shopping stops) to Guilin via Chan Brothers, please check out the link here.

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