Saturday, December 12, 2015

Su Brothers' Motor Workshop - Preferred Mechanic for My Ageing Toyota Vios!

It's rare to find me out so early on a bright and sunny Saturday morning.

And the objective wasn't even to work or to check out local attractions that would be better attended before the sunlight burns us mercilessly. 

A teaser of where i was going; the many rows of shops with the majority housing motor vehicles! Yes lah, i needed to service my car and it was way past the supposedly mileage! Usually, it was Alex who helped to send the car for the servicing but after the last S$2,000 bill, he insisted i brought it to my usual workshop.

My usual car workshop - Su Brothers! 

I go way back with Su Brothers' and the boss, an elderly whit-haired man by the name of obviously Mr Su, had helped me tremendously when i needed to change my off peak car license plate urgently once and another incident which required a replacement of the car side mirror

Mr Su never fails to lift up my spirit and i have always been satisfied with the number of repairs done at the workshop. Worried about their reputation? The workshop is 'quality workshop' under NTUC Income okay! Equally assuring was that the pricing has always been competitive! 

My serviced Toyota Vios! 

Total bill - S$261. I don't even know what the standard pricing is nowadays although when it comes to such an expensive item like cars, pricing is secondary to the received quality.


Location / Address
Block 5034, #01-341 / 343 
Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2

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