Sunday, December 06, 2015

Prawn Noodle Dry - Breakfast @ Tian Tian Cooked Food [Chong Pang Hawker Centre]

Once upon a time, my visit to the vibrant Chong Pang commercial center was a weekly morning affair and breakfast then was the prawn noodle dry from Tian Tian Cooked Food; a stall that has been there for as long as i remember! 

With piling obligations as i slowly aged through the years, the weekly affair becomes far more infrequent and if i could weasel my way out, i would prefer to sleep in and avoid the morning marketing sessions with my mom. 

That didn't stop the allure of the prawn noodles to continue attracting me from the subconsciousness of my mind and i paid it a long awaited visit last Sunday! 

I have requested for my usual; all prawns but the person taking the order was no longer the same person and gave me the "original" instead. Anyway, i don't mind and proceeded to dig in hungrily!

Relishing the crunchy bite of fresh prawns, i did feel that the soup was bland compared to the past and although the noodles' texture was fine, the condiments that made up the flavour could be more savoury. It was okay for the price of S$3 but i wonder if things could have been different if the same chef were around. 


Block 105, Yishun Ring Road, 
#01-153, Chong Pang Hawker Centre, 

Prawn Noodle (Dry) - S$3.00

Additional Information
Only available in the morning!

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