Friday, December 04, 2015

NEW!!! Puss In Boots' Giant Journey @ Universal Studios Singapore [Far Far Away Zone]

Despite my fascination with the Shrek animation-movie franchise, i didn't get a chance to catch its spin-off "Puss in Boots" and even when i did, it wasn't the movie per se. 

My first brush with it began at Universal Studios Singapore where puss, together with kitty, was the star for the latest attraction for the theme park! 

The sight of gigantic twirling beanstalk gave one the impression that it could be related to Jack and the Beanstalk and for anyone who didn't catch the movie, i guess it's pretty much a blank sheet of paper as we joined puss in his 'journey'. 

Knowing well in advance this would be suspended roller coaster ride, i was immensely excited as i am a sucker for cheap thrill. The lack of any audibly loud screams was, however, disconcerting.

Queue at 5.30pm; 30 minutes before the theme park closed. 

Decorations featured many over-sized items that seemed more appropriate in a giant house and i was thinking there must be a giant that shall appear at some parts of the ride. 

Design sketches for a vessel that would bring puss and kitty up to the top of the beanstalk. Guess climbing up, in the same way as our able and hardworking Jack did, is not a valid choice.

We were in the kitchen of a giant; why? Whatever the case, i am looking forward to the thrill rather than getting myself a headache for second guessing what the heck the designer is thinking. 

One thing for sure; the giant hates smokers!! 

Finally at the start of the queue; the vessel aka the flying machine was bulky and can seat 9 persons, 3 in 1 row! The weight of 9 humans would likely translate into a less startling drop / maneuvering with a much lower speed. 

To cater to the large crowd, seven flying machines were built with different names and we got into the Kitty's Kite Cruiser! As photography is disallowed during the duration of the ride, i obediently kept it in my backpack and relax to enjoy the ride! 

In brief, it was as expected; not scary although the speed was relatively fast and you would miss out some of the scenes which were surprisingly quite elaborate. The area this ride covered was huge and you can gauge its enormity when you take the Canopy Flyer at Jurassic Park Zone.

By the way, the giant didn't appear but we did manage to face the wrath from its pet; the goose that lays the golden eggs! Don't belittle the birdy; its name is the Great Terror! 


Universal Studios Singapore

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