Friday, December 25, 2015

Check Out The Persimmon Plantations @ Guilin [Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China]

Impressive karst formations would slowly take over the landscape as our coach exited Guangdong province and entered into Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. However, there's another sight that would no doubt attract your attention! 

Along the way at a specific region, you would find many houses with trays and trays of orange-like fruits that were put out to be sun-dried. I noted from the signboards along the expressway that we were quite near a city known as Gongcheng (恭城).

It only took me mere seconds to realise why that name rang a bell in my memory! Those who follow my postings on the Lunar New Year bazaars at Singapore's Chinatown would have seen quite a few pictures of the dried persimmons that were on sale and they often had the label "恭城柿饼"! 

When the coach stopped at a petrol kiosk for us to have a toilet break (and for the vehicle to have its meal), many of us couldn't resist crossing the road to a small persimmon plantation next to the roadside. 

Still pictures can only do so much; with my very own eyes, i have seen entire hills filled with trees with ripe persimmons ready for picking! My younger sister should move here, given her deep love for the fruit! 

A few differences i noticed from the persimmons in Korea; the ones at Gongcheng were larger and the trees were a lot shorter. I didn't try any persimmons that day but i did manage to buy some sun-dried ones when we were at Yangshuo


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