Thursday, October 02, 2014

VIP Orchid Garden (besides Burkill Hall) @ National Orchid Garden [Singapore]

I was so obsessed with completing my travel posts on Taiwan that i totally overlooked my visit to the National Orchid Garden in Singapore in May! As there are quite a number of photographs, i have made the decision to break it up into numerous entries for this blog! 

Although i have lived in Singapore for well over thirty years, this was my first time to National Orchid Garden! My memory of it came from the television when the newscaster would announce a new orchid hybrid named after a dignitary.

These VIP orchids are housed in the VIP Orchid Garden but given the number of hybrids, i guess only a couple were showcased in the gardens. Either the former or that i was too overwhelmed by the hot sun to do a proper check.

This one was named after former Thailand prime minister; Yingluck Shinawatra during her visit to the little red dot in 2011 - blame it on my ignorance, i could hardly recognise half of the so called VIPs who were accorded the special treatment of having a flower named after them! 

Ascocenda Yingluck Shinawatra - i realised after going through the pictures in this National Orchid Garden album that most orchids seem to have a 'tongue' protruding out. This was exceptionally obvious in Ascocenda Yingluck Shinawatra as the tongue was red.

A pity i could no longer enjoy the heat (like the stone statue above) and prefer to seek refuge in the colonial bungalow next to the VIP Orchid Garden.

Named after the 'two former directors of Singapore Botanic Gardens', Burkill Hall was actually built in 1868 and served as the home to the "garden's superintendents and directors till 1969". 

Many couples seeking wedding venues might have chanced upon this black and white bungalow in their search as it was said to be popular for weddings and special events. For me, it was merely a sheltered premise where i could take a comfortable look at the hybrids created for the VIPs. 

On posters that is. Well, it sure wasn't as nice as seeing the real flowers but it would do for the sake of escaping the heat! The above hybrid was known as Kagawara Megawati Soekarnoputri (she was the former president of Indonesia)! 

Paravanda Nelson Mandela - in honour of the great man who passed away last year. The flower was presented to him when he last visited Singapore in 1997.

Vanda William Catherine - the most famous royal couple in the world who dropped by Singapore in 2012 (a visit noted for the wayang show staged for them in Queenstown)! I am going to stop publishing more pictures as it would be so much better for you to pop by for a physical visit! 


Within National Orchid Garden 
@ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Free for the VIP Orchid Garden and Burkill Hall but there is an admission fee of S$5 per adult (free for children 12 years and below) to the National Orchid Garden

Additional Information
Those interested to hold an event at Burkill Hall can check out the rates here

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